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Goggin Energy provides solar PV and energy efficient heat pumps, as well as energy audits, insulation, and heat pump water heaters, to residents, businesses & towns in southern Maine.

The world is changing. Energy bills are rising; drastic climate events are occurring with alarming frequency. Fortunately, renewable energy technologies are improving and coming down in cost. Combined with government tax credits and rebates, these exciting new technologies are now even easier to afford. Perhaps you would like to:

  • Be less reliant on fossil fuels.
  • Protect yourself against rising energy costs.
  • Lighten your load on the planet.
  • Invest in exciting, new technologies.

You can take action – today’s the day. Change how you heat your hot water. Change how you heat your home. Participate in the future of distributed, renewable electricity. We are here to make the switch easier by helping you take advantage of the financial incentives available in your state.

Turn on the power of nature.
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